Betta Fish Water Temperature

What is the best water to rear betta fish? Betta fish is a rare kind of fish that thrives well in clean water that has well maintained temperatures to certain degrees. They are unique and pleasing to the eyes. Some people store them in jars and beautifully made aquariums to add beauty and class to their homes. Do you keep this kind of fish? If you do, then it’s very important for you to understand how to give them utmost care while ensuring that their temperatures are well maintained. This is because, just like any other kind of fish, this species will get sick, go into shock or die when their water conditions change rapidly. They are unique, treat them with love!

Best temperature for betta fish

Have you been advised to maintain the temperatures of these fish to certain levels only? This is because; they are sensitive to extreme water temperatures. It’s therefore very important to ensure that you maintain a keen eye on the heat in your betta’s aquarium or its other storage facility. The temperatures need to be maintained at 24 to 26 degrees Celsius or 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You might ask why these levels of degrees and not any other? This is simply because these fish are sensitive to the environment and when they are exposed to too hot or too cold temperatures, their immune system is affected which results in illnesses, slowing down or even death.

How do you maintain the temperatures?

Caring for a betta fish is fun, enjoyable and a rewarding experience. What does caring for your fish really entail? First, you need to maintain the water clean and fresh at all times. Secondly, maintaining the temperature of the jar or aquarium where you have stored your fish is crucial. How do your maintain the temperatures?

  • Install a heater in your tank or aquarium depending on how large or small your aquarium is. Get a high quality heater to avoid cooking your fish
  • Add a thermometer to help you read the temperatures constantly; ensure it is well placed.
  • Place your aquarium in a good location. Avoid placing it in a very cold or hot place. Also, avoid placing it next to a source of heat.

What other conditions should you care for?

Do you know that it’s hard to maintain the temperatures of the water when there are additional microorganisms in the aquarium? It’s therefore essential to ensure that you keep that the tank clean at all times. How do you do this?

  • Maintain the quality of the water in the aquarium. This is simply by maintaining the ph levels at neutral, keeping the water clean and ensuring it is free from chlorine or any kinds of chemicals.
  • Clean the tank frequently and change the water every time you clean.

Betta fish are worth an investment! Make it your everyday duty to check the health of your fish. If it shows signs of slowness, fin rot, swimming disorder, swollen eyes or fungal infection, you need to attend to it immediately. Otherwise you might end up losing those beautiful fish to diseases. Ensure that betta fish water temperature is well maintained for the best results. Be in control!