– Adopt A Betta Program –

This section is for people who would like to “adopt” a betta(s). All of the bettas listed in this section are culls from my own spawns. My culls are bettas that I consider to be to small, or lacking in color or finnage to use in my breeding program, or to sell to others for breeding. If you would like to purchase bettas for breeding, please see our Stockshop. I offer these bettas up for adoption online, in order to try and get them good homes, rather than bring them to a pet store. You never know who will buy a betta at a petstore, and whether or not they will care for them properly. 🙁 All of the bettas in my “Adopt a Betta Program” are in perfect health. I do not adopt out sick or deformed bettas.

IMPORTANT: please read:
I now charge a $5 adoption fee per betta. The reason for this is that it is expensive to breed and raise bettas. (betta food, supplies, electricity for fishroom, tanks, heaters, water additives, etc…) not to mention the time that goes into raising them, and the time that goes into getting them packed, and ready for shipping to their new homes. $5 does not even come close to the amount of money that is spent to raise each betta, but it should at least help to allow me to keep the Adoption Program going. 🙂

– Information About Shipping –


I will only except payments for bettas & shipping in the Adoption Program via Paypal. You can get a Paypal account for free by going to Shipping costs are as follows:

  • Priority Mail: (2-3 day delivery): $12.00 (Priority Mail is only available during the warmer months of the year.)
  • Express Mail: (1-2 day delivery): $25.00 (Highly Recommended)

All bettas are double bagged when they are shipped, this helps to prevent leaks. They are placed in a styrofoam insulated box, and their bags are surrounded by packing peanuts in order to absorb shock. Heat packs are used during colder weather.

– Limitations –

You may adopt 2-6 bettas at a time. The shipping costs are the same for 2-6 bettas. If adding to a current order from the stock shop, please email me about how many bettas you can adopt.

I will only put bettas in this program on hold for THREE days (after you have received a confirmation email). If you do not respond to me within three days to make payment/shipping arrangements, the betta(s) automatically go back up for adoption.

To order bettas from the Adoption Program you must fill out the Adoption Form. (see link at bottom of page) I will respond to your order within 48 hours, with further instructions for you. DO NOT fill out the form unless you are 100% sure that you will adopt the bettas, and have the money to pay for them and their shipping costs!!

Please do not email us asking for bettas! When there are bettas available for adoption they will be posted on this page. You can join our newsletter to be notified about when this section is updated.

Thank you for your interest in providing these bettas with happy homes! 🙂

Fish ID# Price Description
 SP-ORBM  5.00 Young Orange/Black male.
 SP-ORPM  5.00 Young Orange Piebald BF male.
 SP-ORF  5.00 Young Orange/Black Female.
 SP-CTM  5.00 Young Black CT male.
 SP-ORM  5.00 Young Orange male.